Site Investigations

  • Geotechnical and Geomorphological Terrain Evaluation
  • Site investigations for:
    – Housing developments (including NHBRC classification)
    – Commercial, industrial and port developments
    – Pipelines and tunnels
    – Roads, rail and infrastructure
    – Dams, reservoirs and pipelines
    – Mining infrastructure
  • Dolomite stability investigations for infrastructure
  • Investigations for borrow pits and quarries and the evaluation of construction materials
  • Investigations for renewable energy projects (solar, wind and hydro)
  • Investigations of the stability of Slimes Dams (TSF)

GCS Geotechnical has developed Standards and Protocols for Geotechnical Site Investigations based on standards from the South African Institute of Engineering Geologists (SAIEG) and the BS5930:1981 (British Code of Practice for Site Investigations) as well as ASTM. This is to ensure that high quality, consistent and reliable results are obtained by our field staff, and to ensure the safety of personnel working on site.

Site investigation techniques have been standardised as far as possible but have been modified to suit the various geological and site conditions. Reports and calculations are internally audited to ensure that the findings and recommendations provided are consistent, reliable and cost effective.

GCS and its subsidiary companies have a wide range of equipment for site investigations including, drilling equipment, light and heavy dynamic cone penetrometers and geophysical equipment. The geotechnical division is supported by state-of-the-art geotechnical software, CAD and GIS.